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Prop 8 Photos

I hope this is ok to post. I love pics. I also posted this to my own journal (with a slightly different introduction, natch) and to a few other communities, so sorry if you get this 4394398439843899342 times on your F-list. But the pics are so cool I had to share. I culled these from various sources all across the internet.


I was never one of those people who liked labels. They're stupid. I mean, useful for like, cans of soup and stuff, but, y'know, not so much for people because people don't fit into boxes (unless you bash them with a crowbar and make them fit and even then they tend to bulge out and leak and stuff). So I never ever meant to be one of those people who runs around on rooftops shouting out who I am. Even when I was a rabid fundamentalist who believed a bunch of stupid things (and a few true things, tossed in for good measure) I never liked running around and beating people with the bible. I want to have real conversations with real people, not slap labels on them or spew bumper sticker theology out of my mouth. But I always ended up in positions where I had to try and defend myself against accusations (because, y'know, Christians can be MEAN and I don't want people to think that of me...) so when I figured out I was gay, I resolved that I wouldn't run around telling people (and I was never going to buy t-shirts or bumper stickers or anything like that) because who cares? This doesn't define who I am, no one thing does, and I wasn't going to be all annoying about it (like those people who convert to some religion and then won't shut up about it). But again...I kept getting put into these situations where people had misconceptions about me, or they believed destructive things about themselves, or they hated themselves, and I always felt compelled to try and speak or write or take pictures or do whatever I could to continue the conversation and try to help people see things in a different way. I mean, some of the people in my small, backwoods town really hate themselves and think they're evil and think they're going to burn in hell forever. There's a counseling program run by one of the churches here that promises to heal you of homosexuality if you submit to God and follow their four week "Training in Righteousness" regimen. They call homosexuality an "evil soul tie" that can only be broken by the love of Christ.


In an environment like this, I can't just keep silent and not say anything. I mean that. Honestly, I've found some conversations to be more important than just words. Every second I can get people to stay with me and engage is another second they're choosing to live and not die (and I don't just mean physically...people who spend every second of their lives repressing themselves so they can fit into a church and beating themselves up for perceived failures are just as dead inside as any corpse...I know because I was one of them). I know this probably makes me sound like a drama queen, and I've accepted that a long time ago, but I can't help it. This is how I see things. Because of my position and the town in which I live, I end up talking about "gay" and "Christian" a lot more than I ever expected I would, and it makes me sound a lot more militant than I ever wanted to be, but if it helps people in small little towns like mine see that they're not evil and they're not alone, than that's more important than my ego. So I keep doing it.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy, and be proud.

I love this sign

Violent signs in the crowd

Candlelight vigil (these two old guys are in love...old people in love are cute)

Math geeks unite

Dude, do not engage. Yelling at other people doesn't solve problems (says the queen of fighting on the internet)

Dude, hate is gay

Hee hee hee, eat faggots

I hate the term "fag hag" too, but these signs are funny

This says it all, I think

F that, indeed

Heh...for those of you who don't know, that "equal" sign that guy put on his sign is the logo from the Human Rights Campaign. I kind of want to punch this guy for doing that, but at the same time, it's clever. Gotta love it when hate is clever.


Major geek points for quoting Gore Vidal

Cool crowd photo.

Hee hee hee...hate is a bad color...

I love this...have you seen my civil rights? They were behind the couch the whole time!

Dude, I want her shirt (and her boobs, but that's beside the point)

Another cool crowd shot

It's kind of hard to see the sign, but I had to post this anyway, homophobia DOES hurt everyone...even when people don't realize this. Homophobia and sexism go hand in hand, and they affect people everyday even in small ways we don't always see. Ask me for examples so I don't wind up ranting again and ruin this comment.

I love this, Prop 8 Hurts Our Family...and that picture is cool and sad at the same time.

WIN for having signs posted in another language...I'm a sucker for this

I SAID do not engage...trust me, it will just give you a headache...

I had to include this because of the heart she's making with her hands...so cute!

This was so damn cute I had to include it.

LMAO. Somewhere, Pat Robertson is fuming right now

Go Jewish people!

Angry love

I love this quote. And bonus geek points for holding Superman.

I'm a sucker for families with kids. SO CUTE

Pause for a kiss...express some love in the midst of all this anger...because that's what it's all about, you know

Bonus geek points for knitting while they wait to hear the decision

Other language win

I love the "Legalize Gay" signs

Me either, dude. Me either

Yeah, celebrate prop 8. Sigh.

I love this guy.

Love is love (bonus hot guy in cool clothes)

Bible WIN. Plus she's hot.

You knew somehow I'd manage to fit Harvey Milk in here somewhere, right?

Equality for all. I love this shot.

Homosexuality is not a race...so quit running.

I've been raving about the difference between equality and tolerance and why tolerance is bad for years...JD wins for just coming out and saying it.

Doug is pissed.

I love it that she's praying.

I love her. And I want to give her a hug. I know people who went to pray out the gay. I pray she comes back ok. Ugh. I'm tearing up now.

I love this. I want to be a proud American too. I am one in a lot of ways.

Major, ultra geek win times infinity

Rights ARE awesome. Totally.

Separate is so not equal.

Sitting quietly, waiting patiently for the verdict.

Walk the rainbow path. Plus, OMFG SHE'S SO HOT

Ok, this guy quoted Jewel...I want to marry him.

Where is the love?

They look pretty happy even though the verdict was kinda dumpy.

Yeah, I dream of getting civil unioned one day...*vomits*

The world HAS ended, duh
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