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Real Name: NA
Nickname: Cash Mause
Sexuality: Easiest to say Im a lesbian that happened to fall in love with a man, and who (only with him) doesnt seem to mind straight sex. The hubby thinks I'm "remarkably fluid between the male and female steriotypes mentally"
Gender: F :(
Age: 20

How did you find this community?: Search for "gay pride"
Do you have any suggestions to improve itscalledpride?:


Are you out?: Not to my grandparents, beyond that, yes. Everyone who finds out Im married make the most obsured OMG! faces.LoL
If so, what happened?: Nothing really. My mom was really open to me growing up, and all she ever told me when she igured it out was to be respectful of older people and their views on it (AKA, dont tell her parents :p)
Are you happy with your choice?: Yup


Movies: True Romance
TV Shows: SVU... i dont really watch
Books: nearly all of them
Music: MSI, Billy Idol, Flo Rida
Website: myspace.com/mouse_lives_plurr
People: husband and son


Hobbies: writing, cooking, Star Wars LARP, learning
Are you single or attached?: happil married
How would you describe your ideal mate?: my husband, but as a woman.
What do you like to do when you go out?: movies, park, walking, sitting by a lake, beach
Describe yourself in 3 words: " intelligent, curious, caring " I asked who was sitting next to me, and it seems good :)
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