stevenandrewx@livejournal (stevenandrewx) wrote in itscalledpride,


name: steven.
age: 18.
residence: new york.
orientation: gay.

my story: i pretty much spent my teen years locked inside of my room, and my own head. i didn't have many friends, and i didn't feel the need for them. i knew i was different from others, and i didn't know if it was all that okay. i heard so many issues on gay people, and how it was bad. i was so terrified i'd be bullied about my sexuality if anyone knew, and i couldn't get myself to tell anyone. i did tell my cousin when i was about 13, and that's pretty much what brought us closer. it took so many years, and my senior year i started opening up. people knew i was, but it wasn't open for discussion. during my senior year, everything changed. i gained more friends, more close bonds, and i am so happy. my best friend who i told i was gay to told me it was okay, and it didn't change anything. i started telling more and more people. i even told my crush, and after a few weeks of fighting and tears, he finally opened up and told me he liked me too. today we are still going strong and i couldn't  be happier. <3. anyway, my biggest 'coming out' was doing an 'all about myself' project for a class. i had to present it infront of the class, and i did it. people told me it was all good, and i was still the same steven they knew. i even wrote a paper about myself with that teacher, and he loved it. the teacher was so proud of me.
anyway, everyone pretty much knows, but i haven't told my parents, but the thing is.. my boyfriend always stays at my house, or i'm at his house, so it's a bit obvious. my father is always cracking jokes, and the other day even said "it's out of the bag, everyone knows" and he seemed perfectly fine with it. it's crazy, i didn't realize everyone would accept it. <3.
i'd love for some of you to add me, and share your coming out stories, or even some issues you're facing. (:
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