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Its Called Pride

We dont even think straight!

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itscalledpride is a community about homosexuality, bisexuality and anybody who supports equal rights amongst the gay community. Our goal is to provide a haven for anybody who supports freedom and equality around the world, no matter who you are. We support and encourage "coming out" and having the pride to be free and to be who you are.

Homophobia is not allowed in this community.
Got a problem with it? Go to Hell.

Need a little help introducing yourself to us? Here's a little form you can fill out if you want! Just copy and paste it into an entry, and you're on your way.

This is the Frequently Asked Questions area, or questions we get tired of answering. Hopefully this will help you, but if it doesn't, feel free to ask this community for help!

Q: There are so many gay ‘terms’ out there, what are they?
A: There are a lot, and they can be confusing, so here the main ones:
  • sexuality - Concern with or interest in sexual activity.
  • homosexual - Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
  • heterosexual - Of, relating to, or haing a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex.
  • bisexual - Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of either sex. (A man or a woman who likes both men and women.)
  • ♂♂ gay - A man whose sexual orientation is to men. (A man who likes men only.) However, this term could also be applied to women.
  • ♀♀ lesbian - A woman whose sexual orientation is to women. (A woman who likes women only.)
  • transgender - A person who is gender variant, meaning someone who has characteristics (either visual or social) of both male and female.
  • transexual - One who wishes to be considered by society as a member of their opposite birth sex.
  • pansexual - Relating to, having, or open to sexual activity of many kinds. (A man or woman who is very open to who they are attracted to.)
  • asexual - Lacking interest in or desire for sex.
  • transvestite - A person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex.
  • genderqueer - A person who doesn't feel like either a man or a woman. This can be either between those or nowhere related to those.
  • intersex - A person who was born with physical traits of both sexes, the most obvious of which involves genitalia.

    If you would like a more extensive list, just click here and search through by the first letter of the term you're looking for.

    Q: Cool community, do you want to become sister communities?
    A: Heck yes, we do! The only regulations are that your community must be homophobia-free, you have to be a the owner or at least a moderator of that community and you must link to us in the communities User Info, and we will do the same for you! Contact one of the mods for further questions.

    Q: I made a banner/graphic/icon/etc. and it would appeal to this community, can I post them?
    A: Yup, as long as they don’t promote violence, homophobia, or anything of that nature, go right ahead! For large graphics, it is asked that you please put them behind an LJ-cut!

    Q: There's a benefit/parade/meeting/etc. in my town, can I post about it?
    A: Yes, yes, yes! Go right ahead, maybe there are people who live in your town or are close to you who would like to know about it! So, go right ahead! You can also share stories, photos, websites, etc. with us, we are happy to hear!

    Q: I want to know about some gay activities that are going on/have happened, do you know any websites?
    A: Surely, we do! We made a list of a couple of the places you can visit on this post, so go and check it out!

    Q: I don’t feel safe making my posts public, how do I friends lock them?
    A: That’s okay that you don’t feel comfortable, and LiveJournal's tutorial page can help you out!

    Advertising/Other Comms
    We would love to be a sister community with you; the only requirements are that your community must be homophobia-free, you must be the owner or at least a moderator, and you have to put our banner in the communities User Info. We will do the same for you! Just contact the moderator and we will put it into action!

    Also, if you have a cause (like the rainbow color bar for Gay Marriage) and have a "color bar" or a little banner that you want shown around, we will put that up ASAP; no other promotion is needed!

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    dyke_riot... don't be a pussy. Eat one.

    Marriage is love.

    Bisexuality is Real.

    We would love for you to promote because the more people the merrier, right? Everybody should be able to enjoy having a safe environment in which to express their feelings, so spread the word with the banners below!