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(no subject)

How did you find this community?: Google :D
Do you have any suggestions to improve "itscalledpride"?: No


Are you out?:
Yeah for the most part
If so, what happened?: My mom freaked out and made me cry by saying that i was going to hell and my dad at first was okay with it but then he just lost all his respect from me when he sided with my mom.
Are you happy with your choice?: Yes. They can both screw off if it my life


Movies: Appleseed, Shoot'em up, Romeo and juliet (2004)
TV Shows: Not really
Books: Cirque Du Freak, Eragon, Lots of Manga
Music: Skillet, Bullet For My Valentine, DevilDriver, Roadrunner United, Godsmack, Disturbed, Pretty much anything heavy enough to headbang too and then some classics like AC/DC
False Smile

Heads up for international issue

Since this community has been dead in the lines of posting I figured that it would be important to kick start the community again with letting people know about pending legislation in Uganda.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091208/ap_on_re_af/af_uganda_gay_death_penalty I give my apologies to those already active members of HRC because they've been covering that for a while.
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doctor intense

(no subject)

Real Name: Anya
Nickname: none
Sexuality: bisexual...
Gender: female
Age: 23

<lj-cut text="Fresh meat! Er.. new member!">
<b>How did you find this community?:</b> Just did some searching for these kinda groups
<b>Do you have any suggestions to improve <lj comm="itscalledpride">?:</b> No, and even if i did, i would be too shy to let u guys know :P


<b>Are you out?:</b> Well, kinda, to my 2 best friend
<b>If so, what happened?:</b> We were drunk and I kinda ended up in bed with one of them, and the rest, as they say, is history
<b>If not, whats holding you back?:</b> My family doesnt know, mainly cause they dont need to know!
<b>Are you happy with your choice?:</b> Haha, when it comes to my friends yes!!


<b>Movies:</b> Shelter, Twister
<b>TV Shows:</b> Oz, Generation Kill, True Blood, Criminal Minds, doctor Who
<b>Books:</b> Virigina Andrews!
<b>Music:</b> country, like Brad Paisley, Toby Keith
<b>Website:</b> youtube, gaydaytime.blogspot.com
<b>People:</b> donno


<b>Hobbies:</b> none really
<b>Are you single or attached?:</b> single....
<b>How would you describe your ideal mate?:</b> fun, sweet, loves to cuddle, fair, smart
<b>What do you like to do when you go out?:</b> drink! pee! repeat! (on the bad nights... some vomiting too)
<b>Describe yourself in 3 words:</b> smart, sarcastic, broke
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Pride! 09 in Toronto

Hello people!

Sunday was the TO pride parade! Yay! I skipped out on marching in the Dyke March on saturday, since it costs me a fair bit to get into TO and I can't afford it while on student-welfare...but did anyone else in the GTA go? Do you have pictures if you did?

As for the parade itself- I sadly didn't get to see much. I planned on being 2 hours early with my friends so we could get a good spot...but they showed up an hour and a half late then wanted to hang out with other people who've treated me poorly in the past. I left the group but was too uncomfortable with having to fight a crowd of people to see. I spent most of the time at the various booths. I did get to see this great group marching in support of those in Palestine, so huzzah for that!

How have other cities Pride Festivals been? Next year (when I can drink) I intend on going to a lot more than just the parades during the week.

However, something rather upsetting did happen at the parade. Me and my two friends Kevin (who I'm sort of dating, and had been dating for over a year before some drama happened there. LONG story) and Cameron were walking by the booths when a girl with a spank-paddle came up to us asking if we wanted spankings. We all denied, but here's what happened:

Girl: Spankings?
Cam: No thanks
Me: Sorry
Kev: No. Just no.
Girl: Oh? That's too bad *spanks Kevin on the bum*
Kev: No! *take paddle away and puts down on bench*

Holy shit, where do people get off invading space like that? No means no, even when you're feeling good about yourself, Girl. I find this is happening a lot more than I like around people who also identify as queer, when in groups. Does anyone else have experience with this sort of thing?

(I've posted this to both dyke_riot and itscalledpride)