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Day of Silence/Night of Noise 2009

Here is a pictorial review of the local DSAGA (campus GLBTACQIO group) Day of Silence/Night of Noise 2009 celebration. Enjoy.

Bryce decides to be He-Man and carry the table by himself

And then it was the wrong table so we had to carry it back and get another one, so Stacy helped him this time

Jenn came prepared in case the crazy Christians decided to come protest us (she called me at work the night before to read the verses to me over the phone because she was so proud of herself for finding them, it was pretty cool...I'm proud of her)

Closer view of the bible verses (this only shows one side, the other side had a verse from Samuel and a verse from Luke. She went all out).

Jasmine was all decked out (she used duct tape too, because we both have this diarrhea of the mouth problem).

The back of Jasmine's Hello Kitty hoodie (she wanted me to take a picture, so I did).

Aleisha's rainbow look (Stacy brought the pink duct tape, and I was inordinately excited about it) complete with "Lez Pride" written on her mouth

Bryce shows off a sign with one of the statistics I looked up

This statistic was powerful

This might have been my favorite sign from the entire day. Jason came up with this quote.

Another really good quote from Jason

We went and got milk crates, and then we got people to stand on them, holding signs, as though we were standing on "Silent Soapboxes." It was a brilliant idea. Ashley shows off her duct tape and her sign.

A wide view of me and Ashley (I'm wearing a rainbow cape knitted for me by my friend Cindy Gregerson)

Jenn on her silent soapbox

Aleisha on her soapbox

Me, Ashley, Bryce, and Aleisha

Gumby showed up on the Quad to promote recycling and sustainable living, and Jenn got him to pose for a picture with her, which is pretty awesome

Jenn and Elias

Elias and me

They let me bring some books for our table of resources

Nathan works the crowd and hands out fliers

People check out the table

Nathan reading texts sent by Andrew (people with phones found ways to text without talking)

Jasmine on her soapbox

Jenn double signing it

I didn't think I was going to be able to get Chelsea to smile because she hates pictures so much, but here she is (and she looks so adorable; she and Andrew both do. this is one of the pictures I'm really proud of)

The cape starts to make the rounds

Here's Ashley on the bus handing out fliers. Let me explain. There's a free shuttle bus at FSU now (After we leave, they get all the helpful shit, Dani and Rachel can attest to this...I'm pissed). Jason called me off the soapbox after an hour and said "We know you like standing out and making a statement, Lillian" and I'm thinking, "Um...is he talking about me?" and he asks if I want to ride the student bus around campus for an hour and hand out fliers to people. I get this terrified look, but agree to do it, and they send another girl, Ashley, along with me. It's good she was there, because let me tell you about terrifying! First of all, the only people riding the bus with us were HUGE scary football player jocks who made lewd comments and called us "faggots" and "queers" (dude, stop calling me a faggot! That really pisses me off and it's not even the right word!) I don't know if I would have made it on my own or if I'd have run off the bus in tears, but we made it through, handed out fliers, and stayed silent and in our seats. It's so much harder riding that bus! It's terrifying to hand out fliers, but you get to walk away and you don't have to hear what people say about you behind your back. In the bus, you hear it all. SCARY. So hard not to bolt and run. I don't know if we made an impact (mostly the jocks just seemed mad and said we were "stirring up bullshit just to start trouble" but who knows. Maybe we made a dent somewhere. I know it made a dent in me. I haven't been that scared in a long time. It was hard. But I learned, I wrote down what the guys said, took a picture of the paper, and then filed it away. I found that writing it down made it easier to put behind me and get back to work. I'll have to see if that works in other situations in life.

Here is a picture of my flier (the jocks mocked it, reading it aloud in a high-pitched voice and it was hard for me not to cry, but I'm really proud of how the saying finally turned out...it's still long, even with editing, but it finally says what I wanted it to say. throughout the day, people would make objections that the event was just a "gay thing" and DSAGA people would say "No, lots of people feel like they have to be silent about who they are," and I was really happy to have introduced that idea into the day, because it helped people see how this kind of harassment impacts everyone whether they realize it or not).

I took this picture of myself on the bus, and I realized after I looked at it how terrified I am (look at the fear in my eyes!)

When people came to our table, there was a poster board they could sign in support, and if they wanted, they could also write their names on a link in the rainbow chain, which I thought was an awesome idea). Here Bryce poses with the chain.

Jason stands on a soapbox holding my sign!

Jasmine with the suicide sign...it gets more powerful every time I see it

The cape continues its rounds by stopping at Jenn

Aleisha with her silent love sign

Kelly carries the Silence Kills sign

People sign our remembrance board

I wanted to write down the note about the guy calling us "Queers" and make note of it, so here it is

Keith and Carey

Carey and me

Me and Jasmine

Bryce shows us how he really feels

The cape lands in Jasmine's possession (she is so pretty in this picture)

A guy at our table shows off his "Gay? Fine by me." shirt.

Carey hands out fliers

Jenn and Aleisha...silent love

Trying to get people to pose and look at the camera is difficult

We mostly got it right...here are Jenn, Elias, Jasmine, Aleisha, and Becca (who I met when we both worked at McDonald's...she still works there, and throughout the day she brought free waters to us on the Quad. She's awesome).

We got President Eisler to sign our memorial board

Eisler shakes Nathan's hand

Jenn on a really tall soapbox

Laurel shows up (you guys finally get to sort of meet her, this is my Priest that I talk so much about)

Jenn, Nathan, and Jason

Laurel stayed and hung out for about an hour talking to people (that's how awesome she is). At this point, I'm the only one still not talking.

Elias now has possession of the cape (at this point, we were holding the signs walking around, because let me tell you a story about standing on a milk crate for longer than an hour..."Once upon a time, my legs turned black and fell off. The end." I have bruises up and down my legs and they're killing me right now. Ow.

Jason and Elias posing with a sign I made.

Laurel signs our board and makes a link in our chain

Dude, this board looks awesome

Some of us were pretty much naked at this point in the day :-p

Night of Noise

We had the comedian ANT come to speak with us (if you watch VH1, he's the host of Celebrity Fit Club) and he gave an amazing speech. So guess what? I got to meet him and get a hug! And the event is captured on film! You guys get to see it! I'm using too many exclamation points!

The Hug

I think this is the cutest picture ever, and it's now my picture on Facebook

This is the best of the group shots of ANT with DSAGA

Some people disagree and think this is the best, so I had to include it too

ANT and Bryce

ANT and Jason (Jason has a halo in this picture, which I think is awesome)

I snuck a picture of Jason's hug

A blurry shot of me and Bryce (at this point, I was so exhausted I was about to die, so it fits)

I actually like the blurry shot better I think

Me and Jenn are soooooo sunburned

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