breakn2 (breakn2) wrote in itscalledpride,

hello hello

Real Name: Chelsea
Nickname: Che
Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender: F
Age: 21


How did you find this community?: Search for "gay pride"
Do you have any suggestions to improve </a></font></a></a></font></b></a>itscalledpride?: No</b>


Are you out?: Of course!
If so, what happened?: kicked out of mothers house then fathers in same night..
Are you happy with your choice?: 100%


Movies: Anything that will catch my eye
TV Shows: CSI
Books:  Anything that will pull me in and take me away from the world
country,hip-hop,rock. not picky
People: lauren..wonderful g/f for 3 years and boston terrier


Hobbies: things
Are you single or attached?: attached
How would you describe your ideal mate?: i've found ass..sweet..amazing
What do you like to do when you go out?: party..have a good off in our own little world
Describe yourself in 3 words:
unique..caring..shy (at first)

my baby and i

and again me and my love


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cute pics... you seem really nice and like a nice person. i am adding you to my friends list... add me back??